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Mr. Moonlight

(Roy Lee Johnson)

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Mr. Moonlight  
 F                          F Gm Am B                                  F
You came to me one summernight        and from your beam you made my dream,
 Dm                                 B                         F   Gm Am
And from the world you sent my girl and from above you sent us love,
And now she's mine.
 F           D7             Gm        C7         F Fsus4 F
I think you're fine 'cause we love you, Mr. Moonlight.

Mr. Moonlight, come again please, here I am on my knees,
Begging if you please, and the nights you don't come my way.
 F                           Dm             Gm     C7     F
I'll pray and pray more each day, 'cause we love you, Mr. Moonlight,
Mr. Moonlight.