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One and One Is Two

(John Lennon, Paul McCartney)

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One and one is two. What am I to do,
 G              A          D
now that I'm in love with you?
I'm hopin' ev'ryday I'm gonna hear you say,
     G              A         D
"You really make my wish come true."
    D                    G7                    D
   Can you feel when I'm holding you near  (Oh yeah)
                    A7      D
   All the things I do? (Oh yeah)
                     G7                   D
   So, my love, am I making it clear? (Oh yeah)
           A7     D
   One and one is two.

    D                       G7                      D
   Can't you see I've loved you from the start? (Oh yeah)
                     A7        D
   Don't you love me too?  (Oh yeah)
                         G7                     D
   I love you but you're breakin' my heart. (Oh yeah)
        A7       D
   From wanting you.

D   G7   D   A7   D   G7   D A7   D


    D                     G7                  D
   If you say that you're gonna be mine   (Oh yeah)
                  A7          D
   Ev'rything's alright.  (Oh yeah)
                       G7                D
   All the world would look so fine  (Oh yeah)
                A7     D
   If you'll be mine tonight.