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(Paul McCartney)

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F#m        C#7/F
Motor cars, handlebars,
A13/E       Dmaj7
bicycles for two.
Dmaj7               A      Asus4 A (x2)
Broken hearted jubilee.

Parachutes, solid boots,
sleeping bags for two.
Sentimental jamboree.

D7sus4 Dm7 A             E
"Bye      bye" says the sign
F#m7 E/G#  A  G9/B A/C#
in   the shop win--dow.
D7sus4 Dm7 A             E
"Why,     Why" says the junk
F#m7  E/G#  A
in    the  yard.

Interlude: with chords of the first part.

Candlesticks, building bricks,
something old and new.
Memories for you and me.

"Bye bye" says the sign
in the shop window.
"Why, Why" says the junk
in the yard.

End: like Interlude.